Dissertation Diaries: How to Spin Allegations of Discrimination and Sexual Harassment: Uber‘s Crisis Communication Strategies.

In this episode I interview Lucia Arandia Clouston on her dissertation An Evaluation of Discursive Strategies Employed by Uber in Response to a Major Legitimacy Threat, Concerning Allegations of Discrimination and Sexual Harassment.

We discuss Uber’s crisis management strategies when dealing with a major threat to the company’s legitimacy and identity. The crisis began when a former employee Susan Fowler published a blog article detailing the extent of discrimination and sexual harassment she and others experienced at Uber.

Lucia takes us through the different ways that companies can tackle issues of discrimination in a meaningful and action-driven way that goes beyond just communication strategies. She also touches on how the new Gen Z consumer is changing the way businesses speak to their audiences with their brands.

An experienced communicator herself, Lucia studied Business Management at the University of Liverpool, before pursuing a career in communications both in New York and now back in the UK.

Get ready for a glimpse into the world of corporate communications! I hope you enjoy the episode!

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