Sophia Obrecht: Portfolio

About Me

Born in Austria and raised in the UK, I thrive in an international environment. Travelling, meeting new people, and learning on the border of different cultures has helped to shape my ethos and my curiosity. A creative mind, I have always been interested in storytelling…from scripting TV interviews with my sister as children, creating home holiday movies, to writing for my school newspaper, communicating through visual and written mediums is a skill which has grown with me throughout my life. As strong strategic communicator with a track record of creating engaging and creative content for media, internal, and external consumption across a number of different industries, I consider myself a creative problem solver with a flare for storytelling.

Through my past experiences at Ciara and Wirecard, my previous internships at adidas and InterNations, my personal blog, and my time writing on the university paper, I have gained valuable experience in content creation and editing, project management and an in-depth understanding of media landscapes.

Strategic Communication

A proactive problem solver, I have experience creating content for a variety of platforms and purposes. My previous internships at adidas and InterNations have widened my understanding of what effective communication means. I was able to develop a knowledge of key issues when engaging with media vs. internal communications. Whilst working on the media communication of FutureCraft Loop Gen 2 launch, creating copy for internal launch of adidas by Stella McCartney post-mastectomy bra, or developing script for all employee emails, I have learnt the importance of defining key messages, finding proof points and understanding a target audience.

Understanding the need for strategic and nuanced communication is key to my work ethos with innovative problem solving functioning at the heart of my creative process. When working on Expat Insider 2018, one of the world’s largest survey of life abroad, I was able to fine-tune my analytical storytelling, working to bring a fact based study to life for both consumers and the press.

Expat Insider 2018

Creativity and Storytelling

My passion lies in finding new stories and perspectives to write and share with an audience. I am able to use written communication to express a variety of messages and voices. I have used my blog and my time on Durham University Newspaper as well as my professional experiences to experiment and look for new ways to engage different audiences in a meaningful way. From news stories, opinion pieces, to lifestyle segments I am able to mold and shape my creativity to different projects.

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Determination and Skill

I pride myself in my work ethic and my determination. Always looking to stay curious and keep learning, I continue to take online learning courses and take every opportunity to seek advice and learning from more experienced colleagues. I have a wealth of practical knowledge of programs including Cision, WordPress, Drupal, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Hubspot as well as Microsoft office. My key skills lie in language, whether curating, editing, or creating effective communication through words, or simply communicating across cultural borders and languages.