About Us

With social media as big as it is today, I wanted to create a space where opinion, lifestyle, and travel come together. A space for me, and others like me, to share their thoughts, expertise, and tips for living life to the max. A space where ideas are fresh, opinions original, and experiences are real. Think feminism, think positive, think big!

In a world which centres so much on appearance over substance, page_refresh is all about heart and soul…It’s culture without the Kardashians, travel without the oh so bland beach selfie, and opinions expressed with a positive and thought-provoking outlook.

Opinion, Culture, Lifestyle — Just Click Refresh

Here at page_refresh we tell it how it is, or how we think it should be. With a whole host of amazing women contributing to the site this space is all about positive empowerment and inspiring discussion. Read our honest opinions on current affairs, word news and hot topics. Check out our culture and lifestyle section with tips on self-care and living well, or take a peek at our travel section for hints and tips on journeying abroad. What are you waiting for — just hit refresh!

Over and out,

Sophia Obrecht

Founder @ page_refresh