Searching for the Silver-lining

Overworked nurses and doctors, a rising number of deaths, and lockdown, it is easy to feel despondent and depressed in the face of the coronavirus crisis. To make myself feel better I decided to search for those infamous silver-linings because this cloud like the many clouds before it must have one too…

The Graduate

Leading up to graduation day life as a 20 something may have seemed like a 90s sitcom, full of laughter, adventure and career opportunities. But what happens after the ceremony, after the you take off your cap and gown…life as a graduate is not always what you might have expected.

Listen Up: 5 Phrases We All Need to Hear

While it’s all well and good to have long-term life goals, it’s important to consider the smaller things that help to foster a positive environment and mindset. Kristina Eventov has compiled a list of a few mentalities which will help you live your #bestlife.