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Why I Didn’t Want to Be a Feminist

As a teenager I was reluctant to stand up and say I was a Feminist. Did I believe in equality, yes! I was just afraid of what people would think of me.

Four Inspiring Stories When You Feel Like Giving Up

When life isn’t going according to plan, sometimes it feels like there’s no way forward. Check out these stories to help you get out of that rut.

An Interview with Olympic Champion Laura Ludwig

Check out my interview for adidas Game Plan A: Beach volleyball star Laura Ludwig opens up on building a new team, developing her self-confidence and bossing life as new mum and pro athlete.

A Love Letter

Coming Soon

How to Know Your Self-Worth

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Looking for the Silver lining

Lockdown, quarantine, self-distancing…Covid-19, all words that hadn’t been part of our regular vocabulary four months ago and yet today it seems like not an hour goes by without hearing these phrases. What’s worse is that it’s so hard to look forward to the end of this whole mess because the truth is no one knows when the end will come, perhaps with a vaccine next year, or perhaps in a couple of months with an anti-body test? Who can really say? Not me that’s for sure! But, to make myself feel better I decided to search for those infamous silver-linings because this cloud like the many clouds before it must have one too…

Google’s Tea Uglow on Owning Your Identity and Creative Diversity

Check out my interview with Tea Uglow for GamePlan A. The Head of Google’s Creative Labs shared her thoughts on inclusion in the workplace, the value of individuality, and the challenges that come with being a transgender woman and activist.

5 Must Read Books for Expats

Living abroad is an experience which is full of highs and lows, from total wonder and curiosity to loneliness and confusion. Sometimes understanding how others have coped with living abroad, new surroundings, or simply feeling lost can be helpful in allowing us to come to terms with our own emotions. Here are five books that capture the whirlwind experience of expat life, the intrigue of foreign cultures, as well as the importance of global literature.

Listen Up: 5 Phrases We All Need to Hear

While it’s all well and good to have long-term life goals, it’s important to consider the smaller things that help to foster a positive environment and mindset. Kristina Eventov has compiled a list of a few mentalities which will help you live your #bestlife.

Vienna — Culture, Christmas, and Comfort Food

Vienna, the undisputed capital of culture. Overflowing with history, art, and music, the city is full of galleries and museums to discover. So sit back, relax, and read on to find out how to make the most of your time in Vienna.

Men, Women, and Understanding Toxic Masculinity

Masculinity doesn’t have to be something negative, it doesn’t have to be toxic. What does the backlash, and the praise for Gillette’s controversial 2019 ad tell us about society’s problem with the male identity.

The Graduate

Leading up to graduation day life as a 20 something may have seemed like a 90s sitcom, full of laughter, adventure and career opportunities. But what happens after the ceremony, after the you take off your cap and gown…life as a graduate is not always what you might have expected.

Social Media — It’s Time We Make it Mean Something

It’s time we took a long hard look at the way we use social media. It’s time to get back to reality!

Munich’s Best Brunch Spots

Brunch has to be my favourite meal of the day. It can be enjoyed all year round and is the perfect way to spend your day on a Sunday in the city! After in depth research, I’ve managed to curate a list of the best brunch places in Munich so you’ll be spoilt for choice on your next trip to Toy Town.

An Exploration of Mental Health in the Modern Age

How do we deal with mental health conditions in society today? With increased coverage on the subject evident in the media, Kristina Eventov discusses the need for balance and transparency when it comes to understanding mental health.

It Is Time We Warmed up to Tech Start-Ups

Across the globe, innovation in green technologies has helped to drive economic growth – and not just for developed nations. In emerging countries, green technologies and the move to a green economy offer a wealth of opportunity.

How to Keep On Keeping On

Make time to look after your mental health and check out Kristina Eventov’s tips on how to make tough mental health days seem that little bit lighter and easier to handle. It’s time wave those January blues goodbye.

Second Edition: What does Feminism Mean to Me

Following Tegan Francis’ exploration of what Feminism means to her, I thought I’d lay bare my own take on Feminism because while great mind do think alike, every perspective is a little different and here’s mine.

Kavanaugh v. Believing Women: A Supreme Court Precedent

6th October 2018: Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the US Supreme Court. The appointment was marred by weeks of testimonials, committee hearings and press coverage focused on the allegation made by Dr Christine Blasey Ford, that she had been sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh whilst they were in high school.

What does this case tell us about society’s attitude towards women, and how we engage with allegations
of sexual assault?

Why Making Mistakes is Part of the Game

Find out how sports psychologists and athletes use making mistakes to fuel growth in high-performance environments. #GamePlanA

Is European Patriotism the Answer to Far-Right Nationalism?

For many months now, far-right nationalism has been rearing its ugly head across Europe. In the meantime, the impossible riddle that is Brexit has been dominating the news in the UK — leaving a lot to be desired when it comes to a feeling of pride both on the continent and at home.

So the question remains, what kind of relationship will the UK have with Europe following Brexit? And with this what does the future hold for the EU, given the rise of nationalism across the continent?

Missing: Informed Opinions in the Age of Social Media and Brexit

Fake news, that seems to be the buzzword of the day… So what happens when free speech becomes hate speech or when opinions, represented as facts, have nothing more than hearsay to back them up, what then?

What does Feminism Mean to Me?

Read Tegan Francis’ post on what Feminism means to her. From self love, to building up others around you, Feminism is more than at first you might see.

“There’s a Mouse in My Freezer” and Other Tales From a First-Year University Student

Ever wondered how your first year uni experience compared to others? Well, check out Tegan Francis’ latest post on tales from her first year uni flat. CAUTION those of a delicate disposition or fear of snakes are advised to proceed with care.

page_refresh Photography: Whitby

Whitby, the setting for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, is the perfect place to visit to experience a true English sea side town. Complete with Fish and Chips, Seagulls, long beaches and stunning view, the town was a great place to take some practice shots.

York: A Saturday to Explore

York, a gem tucked away in the North of England, nestled not far from the East coast of the country. The pearl of North Yorkshire, some might even say, the city has been the centre point of many historical tales — from the Vikings to the War of the Roses, and later Rowntree’s chocolate empire — York’s beauty lies in its varied architecture and its reflection of its rich past.

5 Tips for a Super Trouper Stay in Stockholm

Hold tight and get ready for some ABBA puns! If you’re thinking of taking a trip to up to Sweden, here are my five tips for a super trouper stay in Stockholm.

6 Ways to Explore Munich Like a Local

From venturing into the mountains, to experiencing the alternative nightlife here my 6 tips for exploring Munich like a local!

5 Extreme Sports You Should Try at Least Once in Your Life

Living on the edge, and daring to test your physical limits — some have made a career pushing themselves to explore the extremes of sport. From Hannah Teter (Olympic snowboarding champion, halfpipe), to Stephanie Gilmore (six time world champion in surfing), or Danny MacAskill (expert trails cyclist), these adrenaline junkies are anything but tame! In our everyday lives, we spend on average nine hours in front of a screen each day, maybe it’s time to wake ourselves up, and got that blood pumping…and I’m not talking about going for little jog around the block. Here are five extreme sports you should try at least once before you die.

How to Leave Home Behind

After a few months of living abroad in Munich, Germany, here are Kristina Eventov’s tips on how you can leave home behind, in search of a new adventure.

7 Ski Resorts that Bring the Hype

Winter is coming…and so is ski season! Here are 7 top ski spots with the best high altitude vibe!

Mental Health: More than Just a Buzzword

World Mental Health Day, a day to encourage everyone to take care of their own mental health, as well as the well-being of others around them. Campaigns such as the ‘Its OK not to be Ok’ movement, have been growing steadily with the aim to support everyone dealing with mental health problems, encouraging people to speak out and share their stories. But beyond these buzzwords and campaigns, understanding mental health, whether that’s because you yourself are suffering from depression or anxiety, or because you have a loved one, a family member or friend who is suffering from a mental health problem, is one of the hardest parts of the battle — getting your head around mental illness is like climbing Mount Everest without a rope.

5 Things I Learnt from Living Abroad

Last September I stepped off a plane in Munich, Germany, ready to start my year studying and working abroad. Munich, Germany’s 3rd largest city, the beer capital of the world, lies in southern state of Bavarian, with the rolling views of the Alps in its background. The year that followed was beyond doubt one of the best experiences of my life so far. That’s not to say that there were of course some ups and downs. But instead of recounting every great, or challenging time of my year in Munich, here are five things I learnt on my year abroad…Enjoy!

5 Must-Watch 80’s Teen Movies

They don’t make films like this anymore…that classic 80’s teen movie. Directors such as John Hughes or Cameron Crowe brought teen angst to the big screen, with messages on life, love and growing up. Coming of age was all the rage. The actors were young, fresh, and compared to the perfect Hollywood look of today, appeared decidedly normal.  Here are five must-watch 80’s teen movies, with meaning and heart, how many have you seen?