Vienna — Culture, Christmas, and Comfort Food

Vienna, the undisputed capital of culture. Overflowing with history, art, and music, the city is full of galleries and museums to discover. So sit back, relax, and read on to find out how to make the most of your time in Vienna.

page_refresh Playlist: Christmas Cheer

As the great Elf (in the form of Will Ferrell) once said ‘’the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear’’, so what better way to get you all in the Christmas mood than to share an Xmas playlist. With a host of classic tunes, and a sprinkling of new hits, it’s time to crack open the mulled wine and hit play on our page_refresh Christmas Cheer playlist!

York: A Saturday to Explore

York, a gem tucked away in the North of England, nestled not far from the East coast of the country. The pearl of North Yorkshire, some might even say, the city has been the centre point of many historical tales — from the Vikings to the War of the Roses, and later Rowntree’s chocolate empire — York’s beauty lies in its varied architecture and its reflection of its rich past.

page_refresh Playlist: Funk & Disco Edition I

Funk & Disco — the soundtrack to the 1970’s. Funk with its combination of soul, R&B, and jazz, developed in the 1960’s, when artists such as James Brown started to experiment, creating what is known as the “funk beat”. Bands such as Sly and the Family soon followed. From Funk, came Disco, with clubs likeContinue reading “page_refresh Playlist: Funk & Disco Edition I”

Is European Patriotism the Answer to Far-Right Nationalism?

Sophia Obrecht discusses the possibility of fostering some sort of European patriotism through sport and sporting success. Could this counteract the growing rise of extreme nationalism across Europe, and reunite the UK with the continent after all this ugly Brexit negotiating?

Mental Health: More than Just a Buzzword

World Mental Health Day, a day to encourage everyone to take care of their own mental health, as well as the well-being of others around them. Campaigns such as the ‘Its OK not to be Ok’ movement, have been growing steadily with the aim to support everyone dealing with mental health problems, encouraging people toContinue reading “Mental Health: More than Just a Buzzword”