On Your Marks, Get Set, REFRESH!

And so it begins. With social media as big as it is today, I wanted to create a space where opinion, lifestyle and travel come together. A space for me, and others like me to share their thoughts, expertise, and tips for living life to the max. A space where ideas are fresh, opinions original, and experiences are real. In a world which centres so much on appearance over substance, page_refresh is all about heart and soul…It’s culture without the Kardashians, and travel without the oh so bland beach selfie.

It’s real life — it’s fun, it’s honest, it’s authentic.

This adventure starts with me, Sophia. After spending my year abroad in Munich working as an editorial intern at InterNations, I realized that, hey, I do have the skills, passion, and talent, to get this site up and running. For years I put off starting a blog, getting my opinions out there, and making myself heard. But not anymore. With the help of some friends, and my family, and future readers, I hope this project can really grow and flourish.

Here’s to the future, and seeing where it takes us!



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